Sunday, September 04, 2005

TPM - FEMA's incompetent hack Mike Brown

Many bloggers are documenting the unbelievable story of Mike Brown's rise to the head of FEMA. But Josh Marshall puts it in a nutshell here: TPM on FEMA Boob #2 Mike Brown:

So, just to recap, Brown had no experience whatsoever in emergency management. He was fired from his last job for incompetence. He was hired because he was the new director's college roommate. And after the director -- who himself got the job because he was a political fixer for the president -- left, he became top dog. And President Bush said yesterday that he thinks Brown is 'doing a helluva job'.

Tens of billions of federal dollars are going to be spent on reconstruction, though the first allotment is only $10.5 billion. Does anybody think Bush administration has the competence or honesty to manage that money? Does anybody think it won't be handled with the efficiency, expertise and integrity of the Iraqi reconstruction?

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