Friday, September 09, 2005

Check out Mark Morford

I've never heard of Mark Morford before reading this article in today's Chron: Stop! Don't criticize Bush for doing what he was hired to do but now I will be on the lookout for more:

But it's so unfair, isn't it, to attack poor Dubya like this? After all, Bush has always been the rich white man's president. He is the CEO president, the megacorporate businessman's friend, the thug of the religious right, a big reservoir-tipped condom for all energy magnates.

He has always been merely an entirely selective figurehead, a hand puppet of the neoconservative machine built and fluffed up and carefully placed for the very specific job of protecting their interests, no matter what. Repeat: No. Matter. What. Flood hurricane disaster war social breakdown economic collapse? Doesn't matter. Corporate interests, baby. Protect the core, screw everyone else unless it begins to affect the poll numbers and then finger-point, deflect, prevaricate. All of a piece, really. Because Bush, he was never actually meant to, you know, lead.

Right on, dude! Read the whole thing. He gives the Rude Pundit a run for his money, but unlike the Rude One, he's getting published in the Chron.

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