Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Baghdad Burning - draft constitution, part II

My favorite Baghdad blogger weighs in with part 2 of her analysis of the draft constitution Her two main points concern the lack of protections for women, and the nature of federalism found it defines:

I’m wondering- where is the outrage of pro-occupation, pro-war women’s rights advocates? Why the deafening silence, ladies?
I guess she didn't get the memo. Championing women's rights is just a talking point, and not some core belief.
Federalism is ok when a country is stable. It’s fantastic when countries or troubled regions are attempting to unite. In present-day Iraq it promises to be catastrophic. It will literally divide the country and increase instability. This is especially true with the kind of federalism they want to practice in Iraq.

Federalism based on geography is acceptable, but federalism based on ethnicity and sect? Why not simply declare civil war and get it over with?

It sure looks like the civil war is on, declaration or none.

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