Sunday, September 04, 2005

Body and Soul: Untidy

There are so many outrages coming to light about NOLA its pretty overwhelming. Body and Soul captures the feeling in her post, .Body and Soul: Untidy:

My son has been the victim of my oral blogging for the past two days. I've been too angry to write anything coherent. Instead I burst in on him every hour or so.

<rant>They've turned us into a third world country!

Can't they [expletive] drop some [expletive] food and water to those people!

O'Reilly's complaining that they're not shooting enough people!</rant>

My son is the perfect person to direct these rants at, because he has the soul of a Buddhist monk. He takes it all in, fully understands the horror, and then says, calmly, sadly, 'Did you expect anything different from them?'

And somehow that calm takes me to a place where I can write instead of scream.

If you're not already swamped with NOLA news, please read the rest.

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