Friday, September 16, 2005

New gig for Kevin Sites

Remember the footage of a US marine shooting an injured Iraqi insurgent in a Falujah mosque? That was shot by Kevin Sites, who was also an active blogger that I was following. Since that incident he, obviously, could no longer work in Iraq. He covered the tsunami on his blog.

And then silence.

Well, he just posted a notice on his blog that he has a new gig starting later in the most. (Thanks to the beauty of RSS, I heard about it instantly.) Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone will feature Site's war reporting:

A solo journalist ("SoJo"), Sites will carry a backpack of portable digital technology to shoot, write, edit, and transmit daily reports from nearly every region of the world. You'll be able to follow his endeavor through stories, photos, video and audio, and you'll be able to interact with him.
Sounds interesting. I signed up (even though I don't see any RSS feeds just yet.) I'll keep you posted.

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