Sunday, September 25, 2005

Humor? Medium Lobster doesn't get it

Thanks Jenn, for reminding me about that humor stuff. Between the knee operation, dealing with the psychedelic dysfunction of my school list friends, endless Katrina overdosing, I haven't been laughing as much as I should.

So why not follow up a post about breed 'em and weep with some good 'ole Fafblog? Damned good idea. Here's a double dose, to make up for lost time.

Medium Lobster says, read Update from the Gay Apocalypse now!

Between the United Church of Christ's pernicious promotion of equal rights and the Episopal Church's gay bishop, God has become increasingly pink of late. Indeed, reliable reports have it that God the Son has been acting suspiciously swishy, while the Holy Ghost has been a raging queen for years. But all is not lost: conservative Anglican churches are working to slow the spread of theological gayness by cutting themselves off from their depraved, rights-tolerating brethren, while the Catholic Church's recent promise of a gay inquisition may help to restore the sacred straightness of single dress-wearing men everywhere.

Then scroll down the page to Flypaper: Beyond the Fourth Dimension!

This, of course, is drastically missing the point. The Iraq invasion was never meant to eliminate terrorists. Its genius lies in a temporal flypaper strategy: by goading possible terrorists to become terrorists, it allows America to fight them in the present so that it doesn't have to fight them in the future. For in the future, terrorists will not be armed with mere roadside bombs and hijacked airplanes, but robot bombs and robot airplanes, which will be able to perform millions more explosions per second than the clunky, outdated terrorists of today.

And now, back to being humorless...

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