Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Djerejian - More Thoughts On Katrina

The one silver lining to Bush's Katrina fiasco is that so many different people are finally waking up and smelling the coffee. The press. True conservatives. Even some Republicans. Here is a link to a longish analysis of Katrina by the very conservative Gregory Djerejian, More Thoughts On Katrina:

Yep, it's a big job, and you might even have to work after 9 PM here and there to stay on top of it all. It's a big, messy world out there Mr. President. It's really show time now, and the time for empty talk is long since past. Real accountability. An independent investigation. No more empty bromides. We're fed up.
He has not turned into some flaming, Air-America-style liberal. He makes plenty of strong points about the weakness of many liberal complaints about Katrina. But he is not about to cut Bush any slack, nor toe the Ken Mehlman party line -- which is very refreshing to see.

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