Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hold your ground, Cajun heroes

I'm not going to quote anyone else here. I'm not even going to research to see what anyone else is thinking or saying about it. This one is straight from the heart.

The New Orleans residents that have remained in their homes must be allowed to stay. Those whose homes are intact, dry, and relatively unaffected by flood waters must be given a choice about staying or leaving.

Fuck the government if they try and force people out. I don't trust the government — local, state, or feds — and I really don't trust the carpetbaggers who will swoop in to gorge themselves at the reconstruction trough. The only way to block the malevolent schemes of these fools is to have locals in their home city, defending not only their homes, but their blocks, their neighborhoods and their city.

This is where I raise my libertarian freak flag and wave it in the name of freedom. These survivors have lived through the worst of it. They have successfully ridden out the storm. They have defended their homes. They have worked out ways to survive, to help other survivors, and to keep their life and liberty in their own hands. They are not asking for help from anyone. They are not in the way.

Let them be.

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