Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Defense Tech: Slow, Fat "Future" for Army

Defence Tech keeps up with the maga-billion dollar boodogle, the Slow, Fat "Future" for Army:

It's official: After $450 billion, the Army's quick-moving force of the future will be just about as slow as the one that's around right now.
We expect all weapon systems to be expensive white elephants. But what kills me is they can't even figure out how to procure a decent radio, something they really need, and should be really easy to pull off.
...even the more basic changes have seemed near-impossible to pull off. The effort to get all soldiers on a common radio, for example, is facing massive restructuring, after the project's main contractor, Boeing, seems to have flushed $5 billion and three years worth of work down the toilet.

"The government has not seen sufficient evidence of the contractor teams' understanding of the scale of integration required... to ultimately achieve the program requirements," the Army told Boeing ...

In other words, the radio project has become slow and bloated. Just like the rest of FCS.

If the Army can't get itself a decent radio, then you just know the obsolete crap they fob off on the National Guard ain't gonna cut it during an emergency. It didn't in Katrina and it won't when the San Andreas cracks.

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