Thursday, September 22, 2005

DOD: No New Rules Needed

Early Warning is new blog by William M. Arkin of the Washington Post covering national security topics. Just what I need, another must-reaqd blog!

Today's post talks about the budding movement to reform the Posse Comitatus Act, DOD: No New Rules Needed

Weeks before hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast, the Pentagon drafted new policies regarding the use of the military in the United States.

The drafts -- marked "For Official Use Only" and "Pre-Decisional" and obtained by this Washington Post blogger -- should put to rest concerns that there is a need to modify or repeal the Posse Comitatus Act to give the President more flexibility to employ the armed forces in any emergency.

There is no such need.  The President already has all the flexibility he needs.  But you wouldn’t have known if from the cries for help this week.

The problem with the response to Katrina was federal government incompetence and inattention, not any regulations or laws. Maybe these calls for changing the law are just a way of avoiding responsibility
So let's see, should we file attempts to repeal/reform Posse Comitatus under "War is Peace", "Ignorance is Strength", or "Freedom is Slavery"? I think "War is Peace" fits the bill nicely.

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