Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Rude Pundit - Speech, Free and Otherwise

Kids, avert your eyes and ears. Here comes the Rude Pundit in fine form. After warming up with a sincere Free Speech defense of the author of Redneck Nation, The Rude One follows up with this well place kick to Pat Robertson's groin:

But if you support [the 1st Amdnement] wholeheartedly, even for those you despise, you can feel free, free, so liberatedly free to say things like: 'Fuck you, Pat Robertson, you squinty-eyed shitbag, so full of years of unmitigated hate and bile that it oozes out of you like pus from an untreated herpes sore. And fuck anyone who still buys that said bag of shit is anything even remotely related to Christianity and is gonna defend Robertson no matter what crazed nightmare vision of reality spews from him like vomit from a flu-ridden toddler. Like male dogs who suck their own balls to get little red hard-ons, you 700 Club fans want everyone to see your proud, slimy cocks, but, really, you're just blowin' yourself. Robertson wants the U.S. to assassinate legally-elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Ain't that what we call a 'fatwa' in other contexts? Or should we just call it more bloviation and bullshit from a man who's been buggering Jesus on live television for decades?'

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