Monday, August 15, 2005

Kos: Corruption isn't a partisan issue

Next up is another one of my mainstays, Kos, weighing in on another one of my favorite themes, Corruption isn't a partisan issue:

The moral imperative behind a 'clean government' crusade is self-evident. But there's also a practical reason to oppose corruption even amongst Democrats -- it's a sure-fire way to lose elections. Rampant Democratic corruption cost us Congress in 1994, and we've yet to recover. And continued Democratic corruption has made House Dems wary of charging ahead with the 'corruption' theme to hard, lest some of the current members get snared in the web.

Good. Let those who sit in Congress enriching themselves go down. They are supposed to be doing the people's business, not their own. Unlike the GOP apologists, I consider corruption a non-partisan issue. I'd like to see them all thrown out with the Capitol trash.

I agree wholeheartedly. I just wonder who can provide the leverage to bring down the corrupt house. Maybe Kos can?

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