Saturday, August 27, 2005

Digby channels Ben Franklin

Must be the end of summer vacation. For some reason, my favorite blogs were chock full of good posts. Better than they have been in a while. I guess we're all getting over vacation and getting down to business. Here are some excerpts from a really long and powerful post by Digby on his hullabaloo blog, Expecting Different Results:

I believe that there is a less than zero possibility that George W. Bush is going to implement any sane plan to withdraw from Iraq, much less one set forth by a Democratic presidential aspirant. And I say this with the greatest assurance that I'm right for the simple reason that George W. Bush has failed on every level, at every moment, from the very beginning to do anything right on Iraq. Why in God's name would we think that he will suddenly become sane and do something different today?
He makes an important point, that its not up to the Democrats to come up with a realistic or likely policy alternative to Bush. Nothing they do or say will influence policy until they win some elections. So the task right now is to differentiate a Democratic vision, highlight what Democrats would do differently, and lay the ground for future elections
Why are people so unwilling to admit what they are seeing before their eyes, even today? The Republican party is corrupt, incompetent and drunk with power. And no matter what their intentions, they are incapable of setting things right. We have seen this over and over again.
So we need to get ready to exploit their ineptness and corruption.

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