Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Religious Policeman on Punishing Disobedient Wives

The Religious Policeman is "The diary of a Saudi man, currently living in the United Kingdom, where the Religious Police no longer trouble him for the moment." He is a brave soul who bears witness to many outrageous things in the Saudi Kingdom. For a while his blog went silent—which was worisome for a blogger like him—and now he has returned ith lots to say. Check him out. And check out this entry, Punishing Disobedient Wives:

"Dear Alhamedi
My wife won't do what I tell her. What should I do?
Dear "Inadequate from Dammam". The answer is all in the Quran. As it says there
1. Tell her to behave.
...if that doesn't work...
2. Go and sleep by yourself
...and if that doesn't work...
3. Beat her
...because that works every time

No, this isn't black humor, along the lines of Humphrey Bogart's ghost's advice to Woody Allen in "Play it again Sam"
"Dames are simple. I never met one that didn't understand a slap in the mouth or a slug from a forty-five."

Instead it's real life advice, written by Ghada Al-Hori and published in the "Al Watan" newspaper, in 2005 (and that's CE, not BC)

Punishing Disobedient Wives

Really, the title says it all, but sadly, there's far more. It's what you get when you take:

  • a book written 1400 years ago
  • and an absolutely literal, fundamentalist interpretation
  • by someone with no sense of reality or balance
  • who was 'educated' at the worst Theological College in the world, the Imam University in Riyadh.

The result is the religion as practiced in Saudi Arabia, and many other parts of the world if the fundamentalists get their way.

Here's an idea—Let's christen "The Global War on Fundamentalists" and unify all the world in the fight for liberation.

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