Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Intel Dump - Another officer steps forward on Able Danger

Intel Dump - Another officer steps forward on Able Danger:

Captain Phillpott has admitted that he was the naval officer that briefed the September 11 commission on Able Danger. The commission reported 'the officer's account was not sufficiently reliable to warrant revision of the report or further investigation' and that the intelligence operation 'did not turn out to be historically significant.'

A defense contractor has also corroborated the claims regarding Able Danger and Atta.

At this point I think we might want to know why the September 11 commission didn't think Able Danger warranted further investigation.
Intel Dump has been a primary source for a lot of the Able Danger story, with LTC Shaffer posting informaiton there, and some of the group bloggers providing first hand vetting of the sources and players involved. Its a bit of a fishy story, with the motives and validity hard to discern from the outside. But any Able Danger fan has to dig into the information found on Intel Dump.

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