Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Whiskey Bar: Spin Dry

Another brilliant post from Billmon at the Whiskey Bar: href="">Spin Dry:

Awhile back I wrote that truth no longer stands much of a
chance in the political arena -- not when it's pitted against the best
modern propaganda machine that money can buy. But the question now is
whether the truth, armed with subpoena power and the federal rules of
evidence, can still prevail in a court of law. By the time this
particular legal battle is over, we may know the
His basic point being that it really doesn't
matter if the Rove propaganda machine can fool the media and the
public if Fitzgerald has the goods on him. What a hopeful thought.

I'm not so sure. These people are relentless and utterly shameless.
What if they get to Fitzgerald? Then their ability to pull the wool
over on the media and the public will matter.

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