Monday, July 04, 2005

Daily Kos: True Patriots

I doubt I will have much to say about the Supreme Court nomination battle. And I doubt I will spend much time writing about the Valerie Plame affair. The issue is covered in oh so copious detail by every other blogger in the universe, why should I bother?

Still, I like Kos' summation at the end of his recent Plame Post, True Patriots

It is important to remember, in all of this; Joseph Wilson, and his wife, were attacked simply because Wilson was right. The link between Iraq and Niger has been disproven; even the White House has confirmed that. Wilson's wife was attacked for the simple reason that the White House itself found her husband important to attack. And to attack this one family, this one act of factual dissent, the Bush Administration engaged the attentions of numerous government officials, a variety of Republican political entities, and all the press contacts they could muster.

Our country is better than these men. Felony or no, I am ashamed of them. And that shame represents a deeper patriotism than a hundred tattered flags waving from car antennae.
As he said earlier in the piece, what we already know is so outrageous and despicable, it almost doesn't matter if there were no felonies committed, or if nothing worse will be discovered. What we know that Rove did and Bush approved is already bad enough.

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