Friday, July 22, 2005

Bolton? No! Roberts? We'll see. Now, back to burying Turd Blossom

Steve Clemons at The Washington Note has an interesting angle on the Roberts nomination

But despite the efforts underway by Dems to figure out how to place their marker in the coming confirmation debate about Supreme Court Associate Justice nominee John Roberts, I think it is clear that the battle over John Bolton -- still happily unresolved and withering on the vine -- may have chastened the White House (finally) to be more cautious.
I doubt they are chastened. If the Rove storm blows over they will happily get back to their nefarious ways. But happily, it looks like the Rove storm continues to intensify. The Senate will take their sweet time getting around to Roberts. Bolton is going nowhere unless Bush bypasses Congress with a recess appointment—which will cost Bush more political capital when he does it.

And Rove continues to get boiled alive! Rushing Roberts to the lectern didn't deflect all that much attention. Check out Koz's posts The dam is about to break and Precedent where he quotes John Dean on Rove's real perjury troubles.

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