Friday, July 15, 2005

This could make the Plame Affair look like peanuts

A lot of folks are linking to this story on AMERICAblog which alleges that the Bush sabotaged an investion of the London Bombers as a result of DHS media stunts during the Democratic convention. He compromised our first and only Al Queda double agent—to make cheap political hay. Holy shit.

Because the US let the cat out of the bag, the media got a hold of Khan's name and published the fact that he had been captured - his Al Qaeda contacts thus found out their 'buddy' was actually a mole, and they fled. Our sole source inside Al Qaeda was destroyed. As a result, the Brits had to have a high speed chase to catch some of Khan's Al Qaeda associates as they fled, and, according to press reports, the Brits and Pakistanis both fear that some slipped away.

Again, these were guys connected to the plot to blow up the London subway last week. Some may have escaped because of Bush administration negligence involving a leak. And in fact, ABC News' terrorism consultant says the group that bombed London was likely activated just after the arrests:

'It is very likely this group was activated last year after the other group was arrested,' Debat said.

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