Thursday, July 07, 2005

Kos: Dems wimping out

I'm with Kos on this one. This is an issue that will be critical for the Dems to turn the tide and retake Congress. But the sitting Democrats may not be up to the task. Congressional Dems wary of Dean's anti-corruption crusade

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is trying to get voters to hold the Republican Party responsible for the "culture of corruption" he sees in Washington, but Dean is getting virtually no help from fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives.
There is no more salient argument for ousting Republicans right now than DC's culture of corruption. People who couldn't care about 'issues' instinctively cringe when their elected officials use their office to personally profit at the expense of the American people. It's the argument that helped the GOP sweep into office in 1994, and it's the argument that helped Montana Democrats sweep state-level elections in a solid Republican year.

If Dems are worried about being 'collegial', they should stop. The DeLay majority hasn't bothered with civility and collegiality since it took power. If Dems are worried that some of them may be tainted, then too bad. Corruption is bad whether it bears an (R) or (D).
I read in today's paper that Pelosi may be compromised and unable to take the ethics battle to DeLay. I hope that is just the wimp media trying to be "fair and balanced" and not how Pelosi views the field. This issue is more important than protecting a few sitting pols' butts. Let the chips fall where they may.

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