Saturday, July 02, 2005

A prayer for the 4th

From TPM to me to you -- here's a great op-ed piece by a true patriot. I offer this link as a prayer on July 4th that this great nation will come to its senses and stop the sanctioned use of torture.

The Stain of Torture, by Burton J. Lee III, a former physician to the president to George H.W. Bush and a board member of Physicians for Human Rights.

It's precisely because of my devotion to country, respect for our military and commitment to the ethics of the medical profession that I speak out against systematic, government-sanctioned torture and excessive abuse of prisoners during our war on terrorism. I am also deeply disturbed by the reported complicity in these abuses of military medical personnel. This extraordinary shift in policy and values is alien to my concept of modern-day America and of my government and profession.
America cannot continue down this road. Torture demonstrates weakness, not strength. It does not show understanding, power or magnanimity. It is not leadership. It is a reaction of government officials overwhelmed by fear who succumb to conduct unworthy of them and of the citizens of the United States.
Amen to that.

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