Thursday, January 26, 2006

TPMCafe || Poe and Dowd

Following on the heels of the Dao's Triangle post, check out this one by Reed Hundt skewering Maureen Dowd: Poe and Dowd

But Ms. Dowd wants to walk on the left side of the street, or to have us think she belongs there along with her readers, while at the same time accepting the other side's personal attacks on the left as the starting point for her mockery. So when Ms. Dowd automatically criticizes Hillary Clinton now, we can apprehend that if Senator Clinton runs for President she can depend on Maureen Dowd to pound on her, while letting the Frists/McCains/Jebs get off comparatively easy. Yes, Ms. Dowd is entitled to mock, and she's as good at it as anyone in America, but shouldn't she swing at all the pitches and not just those thrown by left-handers?
Score another one for the netroots crowd!

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