Monday, January 23, 2006

Cult of Bernal

A little local flavor, in the form of a Real Estate section article on the cult of Bernal

A few years ago when we bought our home in Bernal Heights, a hill of mostly little worker cottages, topped by an undeveloped park space with a giant radio antenna, I knew many things about the neighborhood. I knew I was within walking distance of two friends' houses, a cafe and a grocery store. That there was a library nearby and a lot of sleepy-eyed parents pushing strollers. I even knew that spring was marked by winds howling in from the Pacific.

What I didn't know was that we'd joined a cult.
17 years ago we moved here for the village feel of the place. It's still here, even if the place bears no demographic resemblance to its old self. I guess it is some self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling trait of the hood. Ingrained into the built environment. We live in a walkable neighborhood, packed in on top of each other. You have no choice but to get to know your neighbors. What can I say, I really like it. Still.

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