Friday, January 13, 2006

Harry on Sam

Since every blog must run an Alito post, here's mine, courtesy of Laura Rosen: Harry Reid on Alito

Senate Minority leader Harry Reid statement on conclusion of the Alito nomination hearings: "I have followed the Alito hearings closely. ...Unfortunately, Judge Alito’s responses did little to address my serious concerns about his 15-year judicial record. I have not forgotten that Judge Alito was only nominated after the radical right wing of the President's party forced Harriet Miers to withdraw. The right wing insisted that Justice O'Connor be replaced with a sure vote for their extreme agenda. Four days of hearings have shown that Judge Alito is no Sandra Day O'Connor. Senate Democrats will meet next week to discuss the nomination."
Unfortunately, they can meet and discuss all they like. Until we elect more Democrats, there ain't much they can actually do.

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