Monday, January 30, 2006

Kos calls bullshit: on Dean critics

In the din of posts at Daily Kos, I occasionally feel the need to single one out. Here is a defense of Howard Dean that I feel the need to call out — Calling bullshit: anonymous, cowardly beltway insiders

Republicans built their local parties, Dems let theirs atrophy. Finally, someone at the helm realizes that we are a national party and need to rebuild from the ground up. Finally, someone at the helm is providing resources and attention to those locals to build a counterbalance to the GOP's national machine.

And such rebuilding costs money. But in the long run, this is how you build a national party.
I hope Kos is right. I certainly like what I hear from Dean and I do no agree with the critics, like the Daily Howler, who are quick with the harsh criticism. Dean needs to upset more than a few people if he's doing his job. The fact that Dean critics will get media play just speaks to that Dao triangle again...

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