Saturday, June 18, 2005

Waldlaw Blog: Adoption Day in Alameda County

One reason to read my humble blog is to hear about other blogs and interesting voices on the web. Its a way for me to give some small gift back to the strong voices and wonderful people I run into on the web. Its an especially beautful thing when I get a chance to give props to a good friend and fellow blogger whose blog I helped get started.

So I'm happy to recommend my friend Debbie Wald's blog about non-traditional family law, WaldLaw Blog. I've known Debbie as a friend and fellow parent for many years now, and suddenly I'm getting a chance to get to know her professional self. And its all good. Take, for starters, today's post, Adoption Day in Alameda County :

With all of this 'family values' stuff in the newspapers each day, I wish some of the folks who make their livings spewing bile at same-sex families would come to Alameda County on adoption day. What they would see is a rainbow of families — Asian, Latino, African American, Caucasian — with children of all ages, from infants to early teens — all having the love, the patience, the commitment to withstand whatever hurdles the State throws in front to them to assure that the children they are parenting are provided with the stability, love and protection that every child deserves. Talk about family values!!

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