Friday, June 10, 2005

Grist : New Apollo Energy Act

I bet Faux News will be headlining this Democratic intiative. (Yeah right.) Rep. Jay Inslee (D WA) introduced an alternative energy bill and offered a summary on Grist Magazine: New Apollo Energy Act contrasts sharply with "Jurassic" GOP energy bill:

"Instead of this petroleum-soaked energy policy, some of my colleagues and I have been promoting a new vision for our energy future, one that would avoid drilling in our pristine areas, while creating jobs, enhancing our national security, and protecting the environment. This clean-energy vision, called the New Apollo Energy Act, is based on optimism rather than self-doubt, on new technologies rather than archaic methods, and on faith in Americans' innovative talent rather than capitulation to narrow special interests. New Apollo will commit our nation to clean energy to increase domestic high-tech employment, reduce the effects of climate change, and advance our country toward independence from foreign oil. Though the Republican leadership refused to allow us to offer a version of New Apollo as an amendment to the energy bill, I will soon be introducing it as a separate bill in Congress."

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