Sunday, June 26, 2005

Competitors To Nuclear: Eat My Dust

Another winner from Green Car Congress. Amory Lovins tosses some cold, hard, market-driven facts on the nuclear revivalist craze wtih
Competitors To Nuclear: Eat My Dust

In a market economy, private investors are the ultimate arbiter of what energy technologies can compete and yield reliable profits, so to understand nuclear power's prospects, just follow the money. Private investors have flatly rejected nuclear power but enthusiastically bought its main supply-side competitors—decentralized cogeneration and renewables. Worldwide, by the end of 2004, these supposedly inadequate alternatives (see graph) had more installed capacity than nuclear, produced 92% as much electricity, and were growing 5.9 times faster and accelerating, while nuclear was fading.

Read the whole thing. Its a nice and short, and relieves me of my doubts about future needs for nulcear electric generation.

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