Friday, June 17, 2005

Got any more outrage in you?

Do these people know no shame? The Downing Street Memos show that the Brittish were leary of our case for going to war. Now Informed Comment shows that we also lied to the Brittish about our use of napalm-like chemical weapons during the war:

"As the scandal of the Downing Street Memo continues to percolate, it was confirmed on Thursday that the United States military used napalm-like incendiary bombs called MK77 in the Iraq War and then lied to their British allies about it. MK77 and napalm materials cling to the skin an inexorably burn the victim, and most countries in the world consider their use barbaric and something close to a war crime. The UK is signatory to a pledge not to use the weapons. British parliamentarians are now revisiting the question of whether MK77 was used against Fallujah last November. Persistent rumors circulated that the US used chemical weapons in that attack. Although MK77 is not classified as a chemical weapon, if it were used, it might help explain the rumors."
Watching all this unfold is just dizzying in the most sickening sort of way. How could we have come to this? This is not my nation.

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