Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kos is bummed

The dreadfully low turnout for the Randy Cunningham replacement election has Kos severely bummed. CA-50: Turnout

My sense of pessimism for November's elections only gets deeper the more elections show lower and lower turnout. Our supporters have stopped giving a shit. They were burned three elections in a row, and seeing nothing different come from the leadership, it has become easier for them to tune out.
But didn't I hear that the R's spent heavily on a very negative campaign against Busby, the D? That might explain voter apathy as much as any Democratic failures. This is a solidly Republican district after all.

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d.angelico said...

As Jon Stewart said recently of the great turnout in Israel's recent election, which although was in the high 60%s was low for them, "Forget about bringing democracy to the Middle East, they should be bringing it here." [paraphrased].

There was one negative TV ad smearing Busby run by the national Rs here in San Diego. But the fact that she did not win outright with a majority against a divided R party means she will have to face a runoff with only one or two Rs. That is when the big money will be spent(June).

The campaign phone call onslaught was intense by the way.