Friday, April 28, 2006

Helena Cobban: Darfur: negotiators close to peace agreement?

Where the coalition for Darfur blog posts scores upon scores of articles about Darfur, Helena boils it down to one or two cogent posts. Check out her post, Darfur: negotiators close to peace agreement?

I hope the peace talks in Abuja can really succeed, and the rebuilding process that they envision can really take hold. That is far and away the best way to end the commission of atrocities in Darfur and start rebuilding a rule-of-law-based society there.

But what about the reports of the recent escalatory acts? Let's hope they were just one last push that each side was making, trying to win one last spot of negotiating advantage, before they both sign onto the peace deal...
She knows about conflict resolution and she knows about Africa. If you read just one person's opinions about Darfur, you should read her.

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