Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I bet I can do better

From Engadget: Toyota's self-parking car coming soon to US

US drivers may soon be able to sit back and let Toyota's Prius do the parking for them, as drivers in the UK and Japan can already do, using a $700 'parking assist' option. With the option, drivers need only sit back and control the speed of the car with the brake pedal while the car takes control of the wheel and maneuvers itself into place.
I bet I can get into smaller space faster. Let me at 'em! Something tells me I'll buy this around the same time I get an automatic — which is not to say never. Some of the CVT transmissions look pretty hip. I could go without a clutch for that. But I'm betting the first generation of this stuff will be pretty tame. I'm confident I can whip its sorry butt...

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