Monday, November 21, 2005

My Fly on Engadget

The secret product I've been working on over the past year+ is finally on the shelves. It hasn't really been a secret for months now. We showed it off at lots of trade shows and gave peeks to lots of press. Now we're selling it and selling it hard.

And the press is lapping it up, and the retailers are pimping it hard. Here's an offbeat clip from Engadget LeapFrog Fly pentop computer reviewed by New York Times:

LeapFrog’s much-ballyhooed Fly pentop computer has finally made it onto retail shelves — just in time for the holiday shopping season — and David Pogue of The New York Times has a review that highlights some of its features, many of which will attract adults as much as the kids LeapFrog hopes will use this. The Fly can, for example, be used as a scheduler, with remarkable ease: write down the time and date of an appointment, and the pen will turn itself on and speak a reminder at that time. Need a quick calculator? Draw one with the Fly and start using it immediately. Of course, kid stuff is what LeapFrog has built its name on, and the Fly includes plenty of kid-friendly features... Ultimately, the edutainment features are what will determine whether the Fly, er, flies off of shelves this season, but we’re already looking forward to picking one up off of the playroom floor and snagging it for ourselves once the kids get bored with it.
I hope he's onto something. We would love nothing more than to have grown kids crave this one. No matter how grown they might be.

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