Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Digging digg

So yesterday a colleague turned me onto as a better-than-slashdot place for geek linkage. Sure enough, I'm diggin it. One link that I'm in the midst of learning from is this one that gives a very brief scan on how to disinfect / protect your PC: gHacks ? Beginners Guide to Securing a Pc:

You'd probably heard this before. Everyone should secure his personal computer. You read stories like this in every other computer mag, your geeky friends probably tell you the same and even name some programs that you should use because they are the best and most secure. I know that you would like to have a secure computer, well a secured computer, there is nothing like 100% security if you are on a network or the internet. Keep that in mind.
It's not the simplest cookbook to use -- if you don't know what safemode is and how to boot into it you probably won't be able to use some of the more useful and obscure tools they link to.

But I'm in the midst of trying to expunge some nasty web filth from the upstairs machine. Wish me luck. And check out digg. There's fun in there too -- like this picture of an astronaut holding a "For Sale" sign during a space walk. That's my desktop background now.

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