Friday, November 04, 2005

A bouncy wish come true

Boing Boing has this post from last weekend, "TV commercial of 10,000 250,000 superballs let loose in San Francisco" that is a dream come true for me. In July I posted a link to a Boing Boing story about the same thing: mass releases of superballs on steep SF streets, and I commented, "I want to see the video" The Flickr shots of that first shoot were just a tease. There had to be more. No one would go to all that trouble without taking lots more imagery.

And now here it is. Totally. Awesomely. Cool.

Even if it is an ad.

Way better than whatever happened in July. That must have been a demo, or a test. The streets are changed. It's shot in both Potrero and Nob Hill. They obviously did multiple ball drops. Way better light. What they have in the add is just beautiful.

Check out the Sony ad site here. And here are some direct links to the adds. The Really Big One(19.2M). Less big one. (Warning, the big one requires the latest QT, and my old home PC is simply unable to play it smoothly even with that. Too much information for its old brain.)

For lots and lots of stills, click on these images. We have various ad pages and Flickr sets from the photo shoot. Wow. How I wish I had been there...

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