Friday, March 10, 2006

Only in a bubble

I'm pretty sure I've never cited The Register here, but this is a tasty quote. In the article Only in a bubble is Google's web WP an Office-killer we find this pearl

Cheerleaders for Silicon Valley insist that today's web bubble isn't really a bubble because it's failed to persuade the public at large to part with their money in exchange for junk stocks. But that's only one definition of a bubble. A bubble is when people leave behind rational considerations, and make poor judgements which have bad consequences.

It's just that the web-based office is as practical as the Segway-based lifebelt.

Technically illiterate, and pumped up on junk science and pious New Age aphorisms - such s 'collective intelligence' - today's 'Web 2.0' kids promise to leave a legacy of disappointment.

Some bubbles exist entirely between the ears. ®

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