Monday, March 20, 2006

k / o

Never heard of Kid Oakland? Neither had I before the Koufax nominations. But check him out in this post: k / o - a thought

Simply put, we are, all of us, facing huge changes, huge paradigm shifts in our day to day lives that will not be comfortable in the least until we learn to adapt to them.

I think this in part explains the reluctance of citizens in all the major democracies to get serious about 'the next step.' The next step is SCARY, it is not comfortable. However, the alternative is what we're seeing in Iraq, where we're are basically 'fighting for oil,' and on the Gulf Coast where the increase in hurricanes is almost surely no coincidence of nature so much as a kind of global warming influenced catastrophe. It's also an alternative we see in the skyrocketing obesity epidemic among our kids and the crazy health care prices we pay. Truth be told, these realities are becoming more and more SCARY every day. They are the alternative to embracing wholescale change.

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