Sunday, March 12, 2006

No future for fusion power

Hey, it's been pretty obvious to me for long time. But if I start shouting "it's a pipe dream!", who'd believe me? The carefully reasoned word of these two, Parkins and Kennedy, should carry some clout: No future for fusion power, says top scientist

Nuclear fusion will never be a practical source of electrical power, argues a prominent scientist in the journal Science.

Even nuclear fusion’s staunchest advocates admit a power-producing fusion plant is still decades away at best, despite forty years of hard work and well over $20 billion spent on the research. But the new paper, personally backed by the journal’s editor, issues a strong challenge to the entire fusion programme, arguing that the whole massive endeavour is never likely to lead to anything practical or useful.

'The history of this dream is as discouraging as it is expensive,' wrote William Parkins, a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project during the second world war, who later became the chief scientist at US engineering firm Rockwell International.

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