Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Moment of truth on Bernal Hill

The utterly foolish project to seal up the south access to Bernal Hill Park and eliminate the heavily used parking there is just about to break ground in spite of the concerted efforts of neighbors. But the fight is not over, as this passionate post on BernalSF testifies:

Moment of truth
If you think this is the end, it is not. The moment the road gets blocked, pandemonium is going to set in. We don’t have to do anything, in fact I will be out of town. You will be setting the trap yourself. We have warned you. We have told you over and over this is a terrible idea and an unbelievable waste of tax payers money. You have stubbornly refused to listen and keep clinging to your flawed process as if this is the life raft that will save you when the project goes down. Which it will.
Are you listening, Tom Amiano? We will not forget your nasty, anti-neighborhood, anti-democratic effots on your cronies' behalf. You had your chance, you've dug your grave, now you get to lie in it.

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