Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kos - Local races

This really strikes a chord with me. Daily Kos: Local races

One thing I hope to encourage everyone to do is to get involved in your local races. Just about everyone has a race of major import going on in their backyard. And while it's great that we can nationalize and focus on races in places like southern Texas, it's also important to realize that local involvement is the best thing you can do to help build a 50-state Democratic Party.

So think nationally, and even act nationally when the opportunity strikes. But don't forget to act locally as well. Everyone, no matter how blue the area they live in, have a tough race somewhere nearby. Even here in ocean Blue Bay Area we have two corrupt Republican congressmen nearby (Pombo and Doolittle) as well as Ahnold to focus our local efforts.
Funny how from Koz' perspective, Pombo is a local race. I was thinking more along the lines of the BOE elections.

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