Monday, February 06, 2006

Feingold: Pre-1776 Mentality

This may be a few days old — ancient on the blogging timescale — but if you missed this reaction by Senator Russ Fiengold to Bush's State of the Union address, check it out: Pre-1776 Mentality

This is a gut check moment for members of Congress. Do we sacrifice our liberty? Do we bow to those who try to use security issues for political gain? Do we stand and applaud when the President places himself above the law? Or, do we say enough?

Stop the power grab, stop the politics, stop breaking the law.
Follow that link and read the whole thing.

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YurmaBoyBlue said...

Russ is one of a few members in Washingoton that has enough backbone to demand answers and accountablity. He is the lone ranger when it comes to protecting our civil liberties. He is a deficit hawk that won his seat in WI in 2004 by 3000% more then Kerry. He had 300,000 pro-Bush supporters vote for him.