Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Willie Mays Field!

I got an email from a colleague that we all need to listen to. Daniel Ben-Horin has a great idea that needs your support. This is what Jon Caroll had to say about it

Computer guy and baseball fan Daniel Ben-Horin has long been agitating for the name of SBC Park to be changed. Now that the name is going to be changed anyway -- to, apparently, AT&T Park -- the iron is hot and needs to be struck. Ben-Horin's suggestion: 'Willie Mays Field at AT&T Park.' He'd rather have plain old 'Willie Mays Field,' but he's trying to live in the 21st century, never an easy job here in the 21st century.

Ben-Horin recently wrote to Eric Fernandez, who is in charge of naming things at SBC headquarters: 'San Francisco is blessed to have in our midst the greatest baseball player who ever played the game. For almost half a century the name 'Willie Mays' has been associated with the city of San Francisco and the San Francisco Giants franchise. Willie Mays is one of the most beloved players of all time. We believe that this presents the new AT&T with a tremendous marketing opportunity.'
Here's where you come in. He's put together an on-line poll to collect signatures in support of the idea. If you've read this far, you know you want to sign it.

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