Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sorry, no Crips fan here

Atrios is the only writer to come close to expressing my sentiments about the Toookie Williams drama -- Death Penalty

I'm against it for numerous reasons (depending on when you ask me a different reason is the most important one), but I really can't quite see how Stanley Williams is really the poster child for the cause. The cause is still just, and I'd argue for clemency for everyone on death row and therefore support those who have taken up his cause, but the wrong poster child doesn't help a cause
What really galled me about the whole story is the fact that Tookie was a media star because of his gangsta life. He got the headlines because he was famous. I bet he was rich from his filthy crips past too. And Snoop Dogg? Seeing him paying tribute to this creep is supposed to make him more sympathetic? Sorry. I respect the activists who are truly, morally opposed to the death penalty. I oppose it for the simple reason that it kills poor and minority males disproportionately — our courts cannot fairly administer such a penalty. But singling out Tookie Williams as some sort of martyr?

I'm glad this media travesty is done. Time for the real activists to continue their real work, making real progress in opposition to state killings.

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