Thursday, December 08, 2005

Russian River Success

Good news for the Russion River via Science Daily: Russian River Coho Recovery Project Seeing First Hopeful Signs Of Success:

Surveys of three streams in the Russian River watershed show the first encouraging signs that a ground-breaking recovery effort is making headway rescuing coho salmon from the brink of extinction in part of its historic California range.
Winter-run Chinook salmon in the Sacramento River are experiencing a dramatic return from near extinction following a similar recovery effort. Other efforts to restore coho populations exist elsewhere in California and the Pacific Northwest, but the Russian River project is one of few attempts to resurrect viable coho populations with a captive broodstock program. Fisheries managers had little choice. These fish were on the verge of extinction in the Russian River.
If we humans are going to screw the world up, I guess we'll just have to figure out how to fix it. Time to hack the Earth!

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