Thursday, May 18, 2006

Miller's 9/11 Story That Got Away?

This AlterNet story was totally unexpected: The 9/11 Story That Got Away

In 2001, an anonymous White House source leaked top-secret NSA intelligence to reporter Judith Miller that Al Qaida was planning a major attack on the United States. But the story never made it into the paper.
I'm perfectly willing to believe that there was ample evidence within the counter terrorism community that Al Queda was planning a domestic attack during the summer of '01. It makes perfect sense that some spook tried to feed the story to Miller, to user her. The picture it paints is pretty damning for the Bush administration, so I guess I understand why AlterNet would run the story. But it does feel like someone is manipulating the media here. Someone who might want the public to give the NSA and the counter terrorism programs more latitude? Why is this story coming out now?

Regardless, it is an interesting read. Miller comes off as connected but used. Clearly there were signs that Al Queda was preparing an attack. Clearly the Bush administration was asleep at the wheel. 9/11 did not have to happen.

What would president Gore have done?

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