Monday, May 01, 2006

k / o on the Colbert moment

So much blog chatter today about Colbert's roast, and how the media is ignoring the story. I downloaded the clip and loved it, so I'll join to chorus with two links:

  • Kid Oakland nails it with this:
    Hell, letting Steven Colbert up there in 2006 is like somebody inviting Jello Biafra to give a speech on the same podium as Ronnie Reagan in 1983. Colbert's über-Americanism is an updated version of a punk pose made popular by songs like the Dead Kennedys' 'California über alles'...who in turn took chapters from Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times and Shakespeare's Hamlet...'a play's the thing, to catch the conscience of the king.' At a certain point the hypocrisy and corruption of the establishment becomes so blantant the only thing to do is to use a 'play' to explode the comfortable lies of the powerful from within...taking up their own rhetoric, their own pose, and using it against them.

    The truth can't hurt, can it?

    Of course it can. Ask the jester. Ask the clown.
  • Boig Boig passed on this link to the where you can add your 'thank you' to a huge list. Let the world know that Colbert's truthiness can't be ignored.

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