Thursday, October 13, 2005

Riverbend recommended Iraqi blogger...

Recently Riverbend the blogger behind Baghdad Burning recommended a few new-to-me Iraqi bloggers (who write in English). Among them was this interesting one. Check it out: Truth About Iraqis: The death squads of Iraq:

I am not against the Shia Arabs of my country (how could I be, there are Shia in my family). I am not opposed to any Iraqi who supports pluralism, gender rights, recognition of minority rights, and the unity of the country.

But I am opposed to those who would prostitute this great country to an occupier, whether it be the US or Iran.

I believe the Americans have been royally duped into this. The greatest threat for Iran was Saddam. He has been removed.

The only deterrent to an Iranian takeover of the Middle East is, was, and always will be Iraq.

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