Friday, October 28, 2005

Don't mess with The Onion

Did you hear that the White House (someone working for Harriet Miers no less!) has demanded that The Onion stop using the presidential seal? Who's bright idea was that? Well, the Onion is having fun with it. (Was there any doubt? Earth to Bush: don't mess with educated satirists.) In fact, they're getting all rude on the royal family: "I Just Wish I Could Stop Shitting Blood". The sacred seal of the POTUS is still displayed proudly on their parody Weekly Radio Address. This week is a sorta funny one about Halloween. Put that in your litigating pipe and smoke it, idiots!

OK, the Halloween joke wasn't that funny, but this audio clip is: Catholic Nutritionists Warn Of Transubstantiating Fats. "holy lipids", "Bile of Christ", love it...

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