Monday, July 31, 2006

Run Ned Run

Run Ned Run
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Pretty quiet around here, eh?

I've been vacationing in New England and San Diego, and not spending much time thinking about blogging. Thinking about many things, like what to do with this blog, why I blog, how this blog has evolved in my mind. But obviously, not spending any time writing new stuff for this blog.

I am happy to report that I spent the better part of a week at ground zero of the netroots story of the year: Ned Lamont's drive to oust Senator Lieberman. Best of all, we stayed at with my sister-n-law whose husband's politics are very close to my own. Not that politics was the centerpiece of our trip, but it was nice to be there.


Eric Mar & SF Area Activists said...

avoid the democratic party BS!
and try to enjoy your time away from the rat race in sf kc!

Anonymous said...


I think KC has a right, if not an obligation, to post political content in his blog, just as you have a right to call it "democratic party BS."

Don't avoid the politics.


KC said...

Thanks CM for the encouragement. I don't really think that Eric is trying to curb my politics as much as encourage me to unplug during my vacation(s).

Clearly, I have not been spending time on this blog this month. It's been nice to take a break and spend time vacationing with the family. But sooner or later my attention will return here...

Eric Mar & SF Area Activists said...

thanks KC, that's exactly what i was trying to encourage. but in afterthought, CM is exactly right. defeating lieberman was very important and the netroots, and many many others that supported the building of a more relevant and progressive democratic party were part of a historic effort, and not typical demo party power politics BS.
i think we all need a break now and then, but many folks made history and hopefully we can keep working on democratizing the party and challenging entrenched politicians like lieberman and many others in our own backyard as well.