Sunday, June 04, 2006

Pharyngula: The problem is faith

Always interesting, always provocative, I love reading Pharyngula. But I'm not sure I can totally dissavow the Kierkegaard inside me. Check out Pharyngula: The god worm

Faith is a hole in your brain. Faith stops critical thinking. Faith is a failure point inculcated into people's minds, an unguarded weak point that allows all kinds of nasty, maggoty, wretched ideas to crawl into their heads and take up occupancy. Supporting faith is like supporting people who refuse to be vaccinated: they're harmless in and of themselves, they may be perfectly healthy right now, but they represent fertile ground for disease, and they represent potential severe damage to the social compact. When you're in a culture that worships Abraham's insanity, you're fostering the nonsense that enables the Son of Sam.

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